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Do you continue the relationship after such a harsh rejection? Do you stick it out and try again later and hope she accepts this time? I would ask her if she just didn't feel ready "yet" but wants to continue the relationship, or whether it is best that you both move on.

THe two women I married decided they wanted kids and that was non-negotiable. If by then they still said no, there is nothing there or left. Most of the time when you propose to your girlfriend she accepts your proposal and kiss and become engaged to get married sometime in the near future. What happens when you propose and she declined your proposal? I think if it were me and I were rejected I would ask her why she doesn't want to marry me.

It may hit you as a major blow (such as a spouse’s betrayal or a job loss) or through one of the minor yet hurtful ways that rejection can blow into your life (like negative comments someone makes about you or opportunities that turn into dead ends).

As painful as rejection can be, it doesn’t have to work against you.

Maybe it’s actually all me, and I’m undatable, and I’m just protecting myself from that sobering reality by making it about something else slightly more in my control? I invite you to come up with your own…it’s more significant that way 🙂 4.

Find the Positive in Pain Be careful not to end up minimizing your experience by doing this.

Trust in the Process Perhaps you have a spiritual belief that helps you manage moments like this that you can’t understand.

The thing is, due to the power of the Universe or the process or what, it helps to just trust that this will, at some point, lead you to something positive.

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I think most couples who have been together for awhile and have good communication have already discussed the idea of marriage in different contexts, so the proposal is usually something of a formality, not a surprise. Do you continue the relationship after such a harsh rejection? Do you stick it out and try again later and hope she accepts this time? In essence, we had decided together that we wanted to get married before any formal proposal was made. However, she new I would be, and I knew what her answer would be. Maybe that is just me, but I would think when asking someone for their hand in marriage, a lot of communication would have gone into such a serious commitment before popping questions. Maybe it’s because it’s only been in the past few months that I’ve finally allowed myself to be vulnerable, thereby allowing rejection to occur (whereas the year and a half prior was spent healing from my ex and being “guarded”)? As I sat in my pain, this is what I wrote: These are just examples of positives in the experience of the pain itself.Maybe it’s because I’m choosing to date emotionally unavailable (aka “safe”) men? There’s a good chance you’ll be able to also find the positive in the experience of having the “relationship,” but also of being out of it. Recognize the Impermanent Nature of the Emotions Remind yourself that these feelings will come and go. It’s raining rejection* right now and there’s a slight chance of underconfidence later. Don’t actively try to “Get over it.” It’ll happen on its own The wonderful thing about adjusting is that it generally happens on its own. WHY have I not figured out how to prevent being hurt yet? Sometimes, we just need to sit in the shit, and feel it. Do it after or alongside empathizing with and practising compassion towards yourself.Pull out your social support umbrella and your self-compassion jacket and you’ll make it more bearable until the weather shifts. Now that you’ve deleted from FB, give yourself permission to think about it with sadness (or anger, or confusion, etc.) for the next few days/weeks/months (depends on the intensity of the relationship of course), and keep going about your life. Some Intellectualizing and Analyzing can be Helpful, But Don’t Pressure Yourself to have an Epiphany or be Freud: Being the curious, cause-effect searching beings that we are, we want to know why. Looking back on my writing from the last time this happened, I see that I’d been hypothesizing what was going on. Finding the positive in a negative situation is not about putting on a big, fake smile and saying “I’m glad this happened;” rather, it’s acknowledging that there are positives and negatives to virtually everything in life, and being able to recognize the positive can help us experience and make sense of difficult situations.

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Desperate to find the man of her dreams, sweet and plain Ava tries a last ditch effort, speed dating.

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